Getting Ready for Winter and New Garden Preparation

We want to prepare our roses to go dormant for the winter.  So please, don’t fertilize your roses anymore and only cut some last blooms to enjoy for Thanksgiving.   No hard pruning now, the next time you will do your drastic cane cutbacks will be in late February through Mid-March.   We have been so dry this fall, water is what your roses really need.

Fall is the best time of year to create new rose or other garden beds.   If you haven’t done so recently, please get a Clemson Extension soil test.  It only costs $6.00.  Roses prefer a soil ph around 6.5.   Generally, you want to mix 1/3 of the native topsoil in your new bed, with 1/3 soil conditioner and 1/3 leaf mold or you favorite compost.  Roses do not like to be planted in poorly draining soil.  Site the bed where it gets morning sun and at least 6 hours of direct sun.  This will help prevent the worst fungal leaf diseases roses are prone to.

Let us give Thanksgiving for the beauty of the roses we enjoyed this year.  I’m so grateful for you my rose friends.


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